Transcending Into Spring

Written by: Christopher



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As the weather gets warmer and nature transitions from the cold winter to the blossoming spring, our wardrobes also need to change. 

To ensure that you have a functional and sustainable wardrobe that can be used throughout the seasons, you need to invest in quality transitional pieces that can be easily layered and combined.

In this guide, we will provide you with examples of multi-functional staples from our seasonal collection and show you how to wear them in multiple ways. These pieces will help you transition from winter to spring and later summer with ease.

The K-Jacket in linen from Boglioli


Introducing the iconic K-Jacket by Boglioli - an excellent example of unstructured craftsmanship. This jacket is made in Italy using the finest light beige cotton blend, which has been washed to achieve a worn-in look. Its unlined and deconstructed design features elegant patch pockets and a hand-finished breast pocket.


Due to its deconstructed nature, the jacket can be worn in both formal and casual settings. In the outfit on the left, the jacket is paired with jeans from COF Studio and suede boots by Astorflex for a more casual look. The ensemble is completed with a green cotton mesh polo from Gran Sasso and a cream-beige crewneck, also from Gran Sasso, knitted from a mixed cotton-linen thread.


On the right, the jacket is combined with formal linen trousers in a lovely shade of green from Berwich, along with a beige cotton mouline 1/4 zip sweater from Maurizio Baldassari on top of a white linen shirt from Mazzarelli. The look is completed with a pair of white leather sneakers from CQP, sunglasses from TBD Eyewear, and a printed cotton bandana from Amanda Christensen.


Maurizio Baldassari is proud to present the summer version of their classic Brenta Jacket. The jacket is crafted using a cotton-viscose blend called summer mouline, which gives it a dry handle and breathability. The flexible knit also adds to its comfort. The Summer Brenta is a perfect substitute for a tailored blazer and can be worn in both casual and formal settings. For instance, it can be worn to a summer dinner party or as a casual outfit while spending a day in the park or at a summer cottage.


In the first example, the Summer Brenta is combined with a pair of pleated cotton trousers from De Petrillo and a light blue shirt from Stenströms in structured cotton. The outfit is completed with a pair of suede tassel loafers from Carmina and a colourful cotton bandana from Amanda Christensen. This look is ideal for a formal occasion.


In the second example, the Summer Brenta is worn more casually together with a white T-shirt from Tela Genova and a grey cotton loopback sweater from Sunspel. The outfit is completed with a pair of jeans from COF Studio and white trainers from Spring Court. This look is perfect for a casual day in the park or during a weekend at your summer cottage.

The Navy Summer Brenta Jacket


Werner Christ is known for creating exquisite jackets using only the finest suede leather. Their focus has always been on crafting timeless pieces with meticulous attention to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship. The Anton jacket in sandalwood brown is no exception, with its classic design and soft, smooth suede leather. It's the perfect outerwear piece for early spring and autumn, as it can easily be layered, and it's also suitable for summer, where it can be worn with just a shirt.


One way to wear the Anton jacket during warmer temperatures is shown in the image on the right, where the jacket is paired with a light blue denim shirt from Stenströms, green linen trousers from Berwich, sneakers from CQP, and a colourful printed scarf from Drake's.


A second alternative is presented on the right, where the jacket is paired with a light beige pique polo shirt from Fedeli, along with a bright yellow 1/4 zip sweater from Gran Sasso. The look is completed with a pair of white trainers from Spring Court and beige pleated cotton trousers from De Petrillo.



Maglificio Gran Sasso, located in the heart of the Abruzzo region, boasts an impressive manufacturing facility. Their sustainable and eco-friendly production site houses one of Italy's finest producers of superior-quality yarn and knitwear.


Their cream-beige knitted blazer is a perfect example of seamlessly blending the casualness of knitwear with the elegance of classical tailoring. It is knitted from a blend of linen and cotton, which lends it a dry handle. The blazer is made unstructured, with a notch lapel, two-button closure, and patch pockets.

To demonstrate the versatility of this knitted blazer, two different outfits are presented. 


The first look is slightly more formal, where the blazer is paired with tailored cotton trousers from Lardini and a structured white cotton shirt from Stenströms. The outfit is completed with suede loafers from Jacques Soloviére, a braided belt from Anderson's, and a colourful printed bandana from De Bonne Facture.


The second look is more casual, where the knitted jacket is paired with jeans from COF Studio and a pink linen popover shirt from Gran Sasso. The outfit is completed with unlined suede boots from Astorflex, a knitted wool-silk sweater from Gran Sasso, and sunglasses from TBD Eyewear.



Aspesi presents its iconic field jacket, which is based on the classic military M65 field jacket. The jacket is available in taupe beige and is crafted using patented nylon taffeta. This fabric is compact, soft, and waterproof, which makes it durable. 


Aspesi is an Italian brand that specializes in high-quality and functional clothing that can withstand the test of time. This field jacket is a perfect outerwear piece for early spring days and can be easily layered with knitwear for warmth, as shown in the picture. It can also be worn over a polo shirt for colder summer days.


On the left, the jacket is paired with a mint blue linen sweater from Inis Meáin, a pair of Luigi Bianchi's tailored trousers, suede tassel loafers from Carmina, and a blue striped linen shirt from Mazzarelli. On the right, it is casually worn with a blue melange linen polo shirt from Gran Sasso and a pair of off-white denim jeans from COF Studio. The look is completed with a pair of retro runners from Valsport, a washed blue cotton cap from Wigéns, and a pair of sunglasses from TBD Eyewear.



Camiceria Mazzarelli is a third-generation shirt company located in southern Italy that has nurtured family tailoring traditions of bespoke craftsmanship and quality production. Although the company is renowned for its shirts, they have recently started producing contemporary overshirts as well.


The light blue melange overshirt showcased here is made from organic linen and features a button closure, two breast pockets, a shirt collar, and cuffs. The overshirt is a great casual alternative to a tailored blazer and can be worn both casually or formally.


On the left, the overshirt is paired with light beige pleated cotton-linen shorts from Incotex, a white cotton mesh polo shirt from Gran Sasso, cotton canvas espadrilles from Castañer, and sunglasses from TBD Eyewear


On the right, the overshirt is worn more formally with light grey summer wool trousers from Berwich, a white linen shirt from Mazzarelli, a printed cotton bandana from Amanda Christensen, and white leather sneakers from CQP.


Photography by Pontus Jonsén

Creative Director: Christopher Gustafsson