Winter Moleskin by Aspesi

Written by: Christopher



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Moleskin, a luxurious and velvet-like fabric, is a textile renowned for its softness, durability, and distinctive texture. Despite its name, moleskin is not derived from the small mammal; rather, it is crafted from densely woven cotton or cotton-blend fibres, often sheared to create a short, plush pile resembling the sleek fur of a mole. This specialized weaving technique results in a fabric that feels exceptionally smooth to the touch, providing a sumptuous tactile experience.

In this week's look, we present a contemporary overshirt from Aspesi, crafted using a sturdy cotton moleskin in camel beige. With a rich heritage rooted in Italian fashion, Aspesi has redefined outerwear, offering a perfect fusion of classic aesthetics and modern sensibilities. Since its inception, the brand has curated a collection that embodies understated sophistication, featuring clean lines and refined silhouettes.

The moleskin overshirt is combined with a chunky roll neck from Inis Meain, undyed cotton drill trousers from De Bonne Facture and unlined suede boots from Astorflex. The look is completed with accessories from Mismo Bags and The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear.

Man walking in a moleskin jacket from Aspesi