The Brenta Jacket by Maurizio Baldassari

Written by: Christopher



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The Italian fashion brand Maurizio Baldassari was founded in the beautiful and affluent district of Brera, steeped in the fashionable and cultural history of Milan. This rich heritage has influenced the brand’s commitment to using high-quality materials and crafting elegant, well-balanced designs.

This week’s look focuses on the Brenta Jacket by Maurizio Baldassari, a casual substitute for the tailored blazer and a true example of contemporary knitwear. Knitted from 3 kilos of pure Zegna Baruffo merino wool, making it both warm, long-lasting and comfortable. Here you see one of the new colours for this season, a taupe brown, which is knitted with intertwined threads of light taupe and brown for a three-dimensional effect. 

The Brenta Jacket is here tonally matched with a natural beige chunky rollneck from Fedeli, knitted using fine wool and cashmere threads for unparalleled softness and comfort. Furthermore, Fredrik is wearing a pair of off-white five-pocket jeans from Incotex and a pair of seasonal boots in the model Rampiflex by Astorflex

Detail of Brenta Jacket by Maurizio Baldassari