The Balloon Blazer by Ring Jacket

Written by: Christopher



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Japan is the birthplace of some of the world’s leading exporters of significant product innovation and unparalleled engineering to the rest of the world. So it’s hardly surprising that the Japanese tailoring company Ring Jacket is renowned for making ready-to-wear clothing with bespoke qualities.

In this week's look, we present one of Ring Jacket's seasonal blazers in their signature Balloon fabric. Exclusively woven for the brand in Japan, this fabric uses a blend of Australian and British yarns. The super high twist creates a unique natural stretch with an almost mesh-like structure. It has the comfort of jersey wool but without the creasing and bagginess along with being highly resistant to wrinkles, creating a lightweight open-weave travel cloth.

The dark green Balloon blazer by Ring Jacket is combined with a white dress shirt from Mazzarelli, made of organic linen, and a pair of off-white trousers from Luigi Bianchi, made of pure cotton twill. The look is completed with a pair of chocolate suede leather horsebit loafers from Carmina and tortoise opticals from The Bespoke Dudes in the model Welt. 

Man in a wool balloon blazer from Ring Jacket

Ring Jacket