Wedding Dress Codes

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To search for, try on and finally decide what to wear on the day with a capital “D”, has long been a focus exclusively for the dress and the women that wears it. And in no way do we wish to make the focus less on her. We do however intend to add some attention to him as well, if only to make him look the part next to her…

Finding and choosing your wedding attire is something that should not be neglected, yet it can feel daunting as a challenge. Here you will find a simple yet hopefully helpful guide to the most popular options and themes. Inspirational images and solid advice on what to think of with the different outfits. In the end, there are also some specific suggestions from our core collection and seasonal collection.

If your ideas are as specific as your mindset is narrow you may need to make time for Made- to-Measure which takes between 4-6 weeks from the moment of ordering. Read more about that here.



When the wedding bells are about to ring it is not unusual clothing-wise to feel the urge for something formal and festive, to break away from anything you would normally wear, perhaps even never before. The tuxedo or the dinner suit is one of the most elegant choices and is one that you actually might get more use out of than just on the wedding day, as it is a popular dress code for New Year celebrations and even birthday jubilees. It is a garment that breathes elegance and celebration and will look stunning next to a glowing bride.

The dress code does not leave much room for improvisation, which is one of the strengths of the outfit(!) Black and white, insanely polished black shoes or the safe bet of patent leather – the eccentric gentleman might even opt for pumps… Don’t forget to wear braces, tie your bow- tie yourself and perhaps spend some money on really nice breast studs and/or cufflinks, You might even christen them with a date or initials at your local jeweller. Please ignore all ideas of wearing a colourful bow- tie, you are getting married, not attending a high school prom.

It’s worth remembering that Black tie is a dress code that can be and often is allowed for the whole party (evening dress or longer cocktail dress for women). If not, the invite should at least read the dress code “formal suit” to achieve balance in style for the wedding party. 

Man in Baltzar Sartorial Smoking



Standing out from professional life and business attire is a common goal with the man’s outfit for the wedding day. This usually means that you need to wear a waistcoat. It turns the whole look into something absolutely special and with the right details and accessories – nothing like a plain business suit. You can even wear a waistcoat in a different tone than the suit. Keep it simple and elegant, combine it with a crisp white or pale light blue shirt. For accessories, the spectrum is wide, and a tonal necktie will give a formal, sophisticated and quite serious impression. Adding a sprinkle of colour, in perhaps a summer texture can ease things up and add some identity while still not compromising your style. If you wear a white shirt, always let the handkerchief remain white.

Making the groom elegant and sophisticated is the best way to complement whatever colour theme the rest of the wedding or even the dress the bride has. Matching colours are for the flowers and therefore also only for the corsages when it comes to groom clothing. With your dark suit (preferably grey or navy), you wear dark shoes – brown and suede are both okay, Consider the setting and the overall impression and wedding theme. It can make all the difference whether you wear a dark brown suede loafer or a black wholecut oxford.

Man in Three-Piece Baltzar Sartorial Navy Suit



Who doesn’t dream of that ideal summer wedding, wearing a light ensemble, perhaps in beige linen with a perfectly tanned face and a glowing smile while rice buds rain down in front of the cheering family and friends… The light suit often comes in linen which wheezes summer, this also means that the whole ensemble ideally should follow that theme of the material. The light suit can later also be worn with a darker shirt or a half-sleeve polo for a smashing guest outfit for a summer wedding!

A linen suit wrinkles and it is okay, it should and it will. Irish linen wrinkles slightly less as the heavier fabric has a more natural drape. If you wish to avoid wrinkles a mix of linen and wool is your best option, allowing the texture of the linen to show while the wool prohibits extensive wrinkling. An example of this material is our own Baltzar Sartorial suit. Three-piece (a suit with a waistcoat) is a great option also with a lighter suit (but not as important as when wearing a dark suit). Play around with accessories and details, and allow the textures of the suit, tie and shirt to align. Try a bandana instead of a neck-tie, get that Panama hat you always wanted and get a swanky umbrella, because who knows, it might just come in handy to prove chivalry is not dead.

Man in Navy Linen Suit
Man in Navy Linen Suit