Holiday Festivites - Velvet Elegance

Written by: Christopher



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As the old year gracefully bids its farewell and the new one eagerly beckons, there's an air of anticipation that shimmers like starlight on New Year's Eve. It's a night when the world seems to pause, caught between the nostalgia of what was and the dazzling promise of what could be.


Amidst the flickering lights and jubilant laughter, New Year's Eve festivities unfold like a symphony, each note resonating with hope and celebration. From the elegantly set tables to the shimmering decorations, every detail sparkles with the anticipation of bidding adieu to the past and embracing the future.


And what better way to herald this transition than in the elegant embrace of a velvet dinner jacket? The luxurious touch of velvet whispers tales of sophistication and timeless style. In this week's look, we present a dark green version made by Studio 73, with peak lapels and single-button closure. The velvet dinner jacket is combined with a pair of tailored tuxedo trousers from our in-house brand Baltzar Sartorial and a crisp white dress shirt from Canali. The look is completed with a pair of black moiré braces from Albert Thurston and a silk satin bow tie from Silvio Fiorello.

Man wearing a crisp white dress shirt and black smoking braces