The Safari Jacket by Manto

Written by: Christopher



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Manto is a cutting-edge apparel brand that epitomizes urban style with a unique blend of contemporary design and timeless sophistication. Born from a passion for self-expression and individuality, Manto's collections are crafted for those who embrace authenticity and seek to make a statement with their fashion choices. From sleek streetwear essentials to bold statement pieces, each garment is meticulously crafted using premium materials and innovative techniques.

In this week's look, we introduce Manto's Safari jacket, here in a khaki beige. Crafted from a technical, ultrafine microfiber, which makes the jacket both wind and water-resistant. With several practical pockets and an overall sturdy nature, the safari jacket is the perfect everyday jacket during the transitional period between winter and spring. 

The safari jacket is combined with a pair of light beige flat front trousers from Luigi Bianchi, cut from pure cotton twill, and a lightweight, silver-grey crewneck from Gran Sasso, made of silk-cotton. The look is completed with a pair of Aviator sunglasses from Chimi and a leather belt from Andersons

Man in a safari jacket by Manto

Safari Jacket