The Mouline Jacket by Maurizio Baldassari

Written by: Christopher



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Maurizio Baldassari, the iconic Italian fashion brand, was founded in the fashion and cultural hub of Milan, Brera. The brand's rich heritage and commitment to using high-quality materials have resulted in elegant, well-balanced designs that inspire awe and admiration.

Introducing this week's look, The Mouline Jacket is crafted from a summer mouline blend of light brown cotton and viscose, with mixed fibres that give it a dry handle and flexible knit that adds breathability. This perfect casual alternative to the more formal blazer is ideal for an intimate dinner party or summer celebration.

Paired with a beige short-sleeved polo from  Gran Sasso, made of pure fresh cotton, and 13.5oz unsanforized selvedge denim from Resolute. The look is completed with a pair of white cotton canvas G2 sneakers from Spring Court.


The Mouline Jacket