The Cricket Sweater by Alan Paine

Written by: Christopher



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a tribute to the game's heritage

In this week's edition, we would like to draw your attention to the cricket sweater, featured in navy blue cotton by Alan Paine. Originating in the late 19th century, the cricket sweater was designed to serve both functionality and warmth on the cricket field. Its design combined elegance with practicality, giving the players a garment that could endure the rigours of the game while embodying a sense of sportsmanship and style.

With its classic cable-knit pattern and V-neck collar, the cricket sweater became an iconic part of the cricketing attire. Today, it can also be observed as a fashion statement that goes beyond the sport itself. Whether worn on chilly evenings or as a tribute to the game's heritage, the cricket sweater stands as a symbol of class, sophistication, and a link to a bygone era.

In this outfit, the cricket sweater is paired with cotton shorts from Berwich, white sneakers from CQP, and a white linen shirt from Stenströms.


Alan Paine