The Barney Checked Overshirt by Peregrine

Written by: Christopher



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Peregrine has been producing premium British knitwear for over 220 years, using only the finest natural fibres and classic designs. In their factory in Manchester, they have complete control over the entire garment production process, from the initial design to the final stitch, and everything is always executed in the UK.

In this weekly look, Peregrine presents their take on the classic overshirt, crafted from a brushed wool tweed woven by Abraham Moon. Made as a contemporary fit and finished in a Barney check pattern in shades of grey, off-white, brown and muted orange. 

The overshirt is matched with a classic grey sweatshirt, made of pure cotton, from Tela Genova, along with a light blue oxford cotton shirt from Stenströms. Furthermore, the model is wearing a pair of beige casual chinos from Briglia and a pair of sturdy boots in the model Sabulo from CQP

This is a great look for a weekend getaway to the countryside for a spontaneous hike and a casual dinner at your favourite local pub. 

The Barney checked overshirt from Peregine