Summer Festivities

Written by: Christopher



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Beige checked blazer fromm Luigi Bianchi

An Inspirational Guide To Festive Attire

As the days grow longer and the gentle embrace of warmer weather settles in, anticipation for the upcoming summer season reaches its peak. With a sense of renewal and celebration in the air, we present a meticulously curated collection of inspirational looks designed to adorn your presence at this season's most treasured events—weddings, birthday celebrations, and enchanting dinner parties.


Within this sartorial journey, we explore a realm where classic tailoring converges with modern sophistication. Blazers and suits stand as the cornerstone of our selection, accompanied by the contemporary allure of shirt jackets. What sets these ensembles apart is a vibrant colour palette that mirrors the vibrant, sunlit days of summer and the adoption of lighter, breathable fabrics, perfectly complemented by seasonal polo shirts, knitwear, exquisitely crafted shirts, and a tasteful array of accessories. Join us in embracing the spirit of summer through a visual narrative that transcends mere fashion and becomes a statement of timeless elegance and individual style.

Views of sand dunes in Sweden
Houndstooth blazer, navy linen pleated trousers
Beige checked tailored jacket with brown handmade tie
Muted pink blazer sitting in directors chair
Beach stroll wearing a monochromatic cream outfit
Close Up on Paraboot beige Raifa derbies
Vita Badhyttarna i Skanör Falsterbo
Green shorts and green linen overshirts
Navy Brenta Jacket standing at a green fence
Cream knitted cardigan and canvas Frank Clegg tote bag

Shot on location in Skåne (Sweden)

Photography by Pontus Jonsén

Styling by Max Söderberg

Model: Henrik Bratt

Creative Director: Christopher Gustafsson

Set Coordinator: Olivia Kroon