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Premium Knitwear for the modern man

Gran Sasso is an illustrious Italian knitwear brand renowned for its unparalleled craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and timeless elegance in the realm of luxury clothing. Established in 1952, this family-owned company has upheld a rich heritage of excellence, positioning itself as a hallmark of Italian fashion worldwide.


At the heart of Gran Sasso's identity is an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest raw materials. They meticulously select premium fabrics such as Extra Fine Merino wool, Fresh Cotton, and the world's finest quality cashmere, ensuring the utmost quality in every garment they create. Each material is chosen for its exceptional softness, durability, and ability to retain shape and color vibrancy over time.

Sustainability & Innovation

Gran Sasso's mastery lies in its skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art production techniques. The brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, resulting in meticulously crafted knitwear that epitomizes sophistication and comfort. Every step of the manufacturing process, from spinning and dyeing to weaving and finishing, undergoes rigorous quality control measures to guarantee excellence in every piece.


Gran Sasso's collections showcase a harmonious blend of classic sophistication and contemporary style. Their range encompasses an array of finely crafted sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts, and outerwear, each exuding timeless elegance and versatility. Beyond its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Gran Sasso maintains a strong commitment to sustainability. The brand prioritizes ethical practices and environmentally friendly processes, ensuring responsible sourcing of materials and reducing their ecological footprint. 

Extra fine Merino Wool

The Extra Fine Merino wool used by Gran Sasso originates from the renowned Australian sheep breed bearing the same name. This wool is meticulously curated solely from fibres measuring less than 19.5 microns in diameter, boasting exceptional properties that contribute to unparalleled elasticity in yarn, vivid and durable colours, and an unmatched softness evident in the final garment.


Following the shearing of sheep, only the fleece sections exhibiting the finest qualities—such as finesse, moderate length, well-defined style, and minimal presence of black, coloured hairs, and plant-based fibres—are handpicked. Garments crafted from Extra Fine Merino wool exude rarity, distinctiveness, and, most importantly, enduring quality.


Gran Sasso's merino wool collection is available in a large variety of colours and styles.

Featured Styles

world’s finest quality cashmere yarn

Gran Sasso seamlessly merges the highest-grade cashmere fibres with the expertise of seasoned artisans, crafting nothing short of the world's most exceptional cashmere yarn. Originating from goats dwelling in the lush grasslands of Inner Mongolia, their finest cashmere yarn epitomizes unparalleled quality.

Every phase of Gran Sasso's manufacturing process is infused with meticulous testing and stringent quality control measures. Their trusted cashmere suppliers meticulously scrutinize each individual bale for impurities, colour, micron thickness, and length, ensuring the highest standards are consistently met. The mastery lies in managing these critical factors, defining the handling process and ultimately delivering an unparalleled level of supreme quality in the finished product.

Gran Sasso's cashmere collection is available in a large variety of colours and styles.

Gran Sasso Cashmere Cardigans

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Egyptian, Fresh Cotton

Fresh Cotton from Gran Sasso represents an evolution stemming from Egyptian cotton, embodying pristine qualities with a sharp, refined edge. Much like ice, which possesses both a smooth essence and a rough surface, Fresh Cotton embodies a clean-cut profile, untouched by pilling, shaped only by the meticulous creping process.


It seamlessly integrates top-tier Egyptian cotton with the revolutionary COM4 spinning technology, effectively eradicating any hint of pilling within the fibre. This unique outcome caters to the most discerning aesthetes and true aficionados of premium textiles.


Gran Sasso uses Fresh Cotton to craft lightweight, airy knitwear with a crisp, clean finish, which promotes fresh, natural ventilation—ideal for the summer season.

Gran Sasso Egyptian Fresh Cotton

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