The Raglan Coat by Studio 73

Written by: Christopher



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The raglan coat stands as a timeless emblem of sophistication and versatility in the realm of outerwear. Its defining characteristic lies in the seamless integration of its sleeves into the coat's body, creating an elegant, diagonal seam that extends from the underarm to the neckline. This distinctive design not only offers a sleek and streamlined appearance but also provides a comfortable and flattering fit.

Characterized by its distinctive shoulder construction, the raglan coat offers a unique silhouette that sets it apart from traditional styles. Its absence of shoulder seams allows for greater freedom of movement and a more relaxed, draped look.

In this week's look, we present a contemporary raglan coat from Studio 73. Crafted from a sturdy, yet very soft wool-cashmere mix in a dark brown camel colour. A versatile style that easily can be worn both casually and formally. Here it's matched more casually with the Brenta Jacket from Maurizio Baldassari, knitted from pure merino wool in shades of blue and green. The look is completed with a pair of navy blue corduroy trousers from Berwich and colourful accessories from Amanda Christensen and William Lockie

Close up on man wearing the raglan coat