Weekend Getaway - The Caban Jacket

Written by: Christopher



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The autumn season is soon upon us and nowadays you find your days often filled with meetings and chores, yet your summer adventures still linger in your memory and you still feel that there is time for a weekend getaway. Why not indulge yourself with a trip to the nearby city you never found the time to visit during your summer holiday? To discover a museum or perhaps treat yourself to some shopping.


This week’s look wants to give some inspiration to that getaway by presenting a muted palette of garments layered for comfort and versatility. Fredrik is wearing the Caban Jacket from De Petrillo in moss green, crafted from a soft mix of wool and cashmere, which is combined with a tonal look consisting of a camel alpaca wool rollneck from Zanone and a pair of camel cotton pleated trousers from Luigi Bianchi


No weekend getaway is complete without a proper bag, here you see the signature travel duffle from Frank Clegg in sand suede and cognac leather details.

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