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Frank Clegg Leather works – A true creation from America

Step inside the factory.

Leather goods handmade in the USA

How did a freshly graduated student become the leading maker of leather goods in the world? Like a lot of good stories, it all started in the 70s. Frank Clegg was given a beginner’s wallet-making kit for Christmas by his girlfriend (now wife). Little did she know his hobby was about to turn into a prosperous and world renowned business. In 1974, ‘Frank Clegg Leatherworks‘ in Fall River, Massachusetts opened up its doors to the world and has since then built up a worldwide loyal clientele who all have one thing in common: an appreciation for the highest grade quality in craftsmanship, made from dedication, precision and love. A real family business, which is how Frank Clegg always wanted to run the company. His first employees were his parents and now he works next to his two sons, Ian and Andrew, who both already are engaged in taking the business forward into the new era of menswear.

What makes Frank Clegg Leather works stand out in quality and design is their philosophy to the entire production. In an interview with Mr. Baltzar, Frank said that it all comes down to being passionate, sourcing the best materials and technics and simply just deliver the best product possible. All designs are an extension of Frank’s vision; sometimes he starts making a bag without a plan – just building by feeling. The result is a truly unique bag with lots of spirit and is how some of the real icons in the Frank Clegg collection has come alive.

A truly in-house process

Any bag that leaves the Frank Clegg Leather works has been designed and built mainly by hand in the workshop; the only times machinery is used is when it benefits the product. Frank Clegg only uses French calf leather that has been vegetable tanned in their secret European tannery. For larger bags, like the Travel Duffle, these factors make a big difference since the French bull hides have less marks from insects and barbed wire, leaving a clean surface that will age with grace. The full grain leather has not been sanded down to remove imperfections, hence staying strong and flexible gaining a beautiful patina over time.

Every bag goes through the hands of a Clegg family member in all stages of production. Together with their highly skilled team, this makes for a controlled standard hard to match. “Make it right, never rush” is the mantra, and that is why Frank Clegg Leather works produce the best leather goods in the world.


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