Firenze Inspiration – Seersucker

Firenze Inspiration Seersucker

The biggest trend at Pitti Uomo 92 - Seersucker

Given the warm summer weather, it’s natural to search for materials with cooling attributes. The otherwise dominant wool fibres in sartorial fashion have to stand down during the hottest days in favour of compositions in linen, cotton and silk.

Young Man Wearing Light Blue Seersucker At Pitti Uomo

The Pitti Uomo exhibition in Florence for spring summer collections, which always takes place in late June, is a good spot to hunt for sartorial trends viable during the warmest weather conditions.  During the boiling hot week this year, the seersucker material made an appearance that was difficult not to notice. It was worn by both men and women, in classic designs as well as in revised fashion garments and for tops and bottoms.  Baltzar offers various seersucker garments and we would like to introduce the material to you in a little more depth.

Light Blue Porsche
Blue Suede Drapes Baltzar
Man Wearing Bandana and Navy Seersucker at Pitti Uomo

The 'Classic' Seersucker

Seersucker has what is called a slack tension weave, where the threads are wound onto the loom with every second weave consciously slacking in order to give that distinctive ‘bubbly’ effect, which in weaving terms is referred to as crêpe.  The pattern is often white with a ‘slacking’ blue or red stripe and always made out of cotton fibres.  It became popular in the early 1900’s and after its glorious Gatsby era inspired a whole generation of preppy students around the world.

Close Up Details On Blue Seersucker at Pitti Uomo
Man wearing blue seersucker blazer at Pitti Uomo
The Duomo in Florence Italy Baltzar
Ice Cream Cones Baltzar
Couple Wearing Pink and Blue Seersucker at Pitti Uomo
Green Aloe Vera Baltzar
Danilo Carnevale Wearing Red and White Double Breasted Seersucker Blazer at Pitti Uomo
Man Wearing Blue Seersucker Trosuers at Pitti Uomo
Man Wearing Green Seersucker Suit at Pitti Uomo

Seersucker - From bedsheet to jacket

Having been put in the corner of shame, partly because the naughty and affluent crowd that wore it damaged its reputation, it has now re-entered the sartorial scene once again; it’s so hard not to love this material.  Once you’ve worn it, you are more or less doomed to be hooked.  Its natural drape helps it to stay away from sticking onto the skin during warm weather, allowing better air circulation and a more chilled temperature for the wearer.  The bubbly effect makes it rather resistant to the need for pressing and the sheer softness of the slacking threads are noteworthy.  No wonder seersucker is now being used for everything from bedsheets to jackets and blazers.

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