The Contemporary Overshirt by Mazzarelli

Written by: Christopher



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a tonal green ensemble

With the warmer weather finally here and summer events like weddings, birthdays and dinner parties on the horizon, we want to help you find inspiration for what to wear. 

This week's outfit takes a more casual approach to dressing up, featuring an off-white contemporary overshirt from Mazzarelli as the centrepiece. This overshirt is a casual yet elegant alternative to a traditional tailored jacket, made with organic pure linen that will wrinkle over time, giving it a unique personalized touch.

Paired with this overshirt is a tonal green ensemble, consisting of a polo shirt with a contrast capri collar from Lardini, and a pair of pleated shorts from Berwich, crafted using a seasonal blend of cotton and linen. The outfit is completed with a pair of ecru suede leather derbies from Jacques Soloviére.

Off White Linen Overshirt From Mazzarelli