The Kamikaze Trenchcoat by L'Impermeabile

Written by: Christopher



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Situated just outside Florence, nestled in the quaint town of Empoli, L'Impermeabile has been specializing in outerwear since the 1950s. Initially renowned for its focus on raincoats, the brand has evolved over three generations, branching out into three distinct sub-brands to cater to diverse demographics.

In this week's look, we introduce the Kamikaze trenchcoat by L'Impermeabile, here in dark khaki beige. One of the brand's most iconic models, the single-breasted trenchcoat is crafted from waxed cotton, which makes it both wind—and water-resistant. The coat is combined with a summery cotton sweater from Aspesi and a pair of ecru stone-washed jeans from COF Studio, in their model M7. 

The look is completed with a pair of unlined suede boots from Astorflex, in cammello beige and a cream beige cotton canvas belt from Andersons

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