French Linen by De Bonne Facture

Written by: Christopher



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De Bonne Facture takes its name from the same French expression, which describes a way of doing things well. It's an expression that can be used for a poem as well as for a piece of clothing. It's a way of saying that design is inseparable from craft and that they are bound together in the quality of the garment. Through this expression, the brand creates timeless pieces with a modern touch.

In this week's look, we present a full look by De Bonne Facture, including the pastel blue two-pocket overshirt, the oatmeal beige pleated trousers and the oatmeal beige oversized t-shirt. All garments are made in various qualities of linen for that ultimate airy summer feeling. 

The look is perfect for a laid-back afternoon spent on the porch with a good book, but it also works great for a casual dinner with friends and family. 

Complete the look by De Bonne Facture with a pair of tortoise opticals from The Bespoke Dudes in the model Welt, a brown fine braided leather belt from Anderson's and a pair of roast brown Arizona sandals from Birkenstock

Man in a wool hopsack blazer from Baltzar Sartorial

De Bonne Facture