Summer Knits by Gran Sasso

Written by: Christopher



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Gran Sasso is an esteemed Italian fashion brand renowned for its high-quality knitwear. Founded in 1952, the brand embodies traditional craftsmanship, innovative design, and timeless elegance. With a strong focus on using premium materials such as merino wool, cashmere, and cotton, Gran Sasso creates luxurious clothing that exudes sophistication and comfort. For generations, the brand has been seeking the perfect mixture of top modern technology, natural yarn and manual skill to create a unique and classic range of premium knitwear for the modern man.

In this week's look, we present a seasonal look that includes two Gran Sasso pieces matched tonally. An ecru rib-stitched full-zip cardigan is worn over a cream-beige crewneck, both made of the finest cotton fibres. 

The look is completed with a pair of flat-front trousers from Berwich, crafted using pure, high-twist wool for ultimate breathability and wrinkle resistance. Furthermore, the look includes a pair of white leather sneakers from CQP and a chocolate leather weekend bag from Frank Clegg.

Man in a wool hopsack blazer from Baltzar Sartorial

Gran Sasso