Werner Christ's Alim Flight Jacket

Written by: Christopher



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Founded in 1954 in Germany, Werner Christ designs high-quality leather and lambskin products for the modern man. With a commitment to sustainability, the family-run business produces its pieces in its own factories to ensure the highest level of standards.

This week’s look highlights one of Werner Christ's statement pieces – The Alim Flight Jacket. Crafted from soft lambskin with the characteristic fur lining, the jacket’s design takes inspiration from the classic flight jackets used by pilots during the Second World War. The fur lining makes it incredibly warm and gives it a characteristic look.

The Alim Flight Jacket is here combined with a pair of off-white cotton five-pocket jeans from Incotex and an ecru white lambswool sweater from Drumohr. The look is completed with a pair of sturdy suede boots in the model Sabulo from CQP

During the chilly autumn mornings and winter days, the Alim Flight Jacket is a great everyday companion that will guarantee to keep you warm in style. 

Man wearing leather sherling jacket