Fair Isle & Tweed Winter Weather

Written by: Christopher



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William Lockie, a beacon of excellence in the world of Scottish knitwear, stands as a testament to heritage, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication. Nestled in the heart of Hawick, Scotland, this esteemed company has woven itself into the fabric of time, etching an indelible mark through its exquisite creations.

At the core of William Lockie lies a rich legacy that spans generations. For over 140 years, the company has been an epitome of artisanal mastery, preserving the ancient art of knitting while embracing innovation to create garments that exude both tradition and modernity.

In this week's look, we focus on William Lockie's fair isle slipover, here in a hunter blue reinforced with tones of grey, brown, green and beige. Knitted using pure lambswool threads for a soft, warming finish. The slipover is combined with a muted orange herringbone blazer from Studio 73, crafted from a soft, lightweight wool tweed along with a pair of cinnamon brown cotton corduroy chinos from Hiltl and a handmade, 7-fold tie from Dreaming of Monday in shades of beige, blue and green, crafted from vintage French wool. 


The Barney checked overshirt from Peregine