Seasonal Tailoring at Vyn

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Daniel Berlin's Culinary Sanctuary

Vyn, the two-star Michelin awarded creation of acclaimed chef Daniel Berlin, is a culinary sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Swedish countryside. Located just outside the picturesque village of Gislövshammar, this restaurant offers an intimate dining experience where nature intertwines seamlessly with gastronomy.

Daniel Berlin's culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in the surrounding landscape, sourcing ingredients from the restaurant's own gardens and local producers. Each dish is a testament to his innovative approach, marrying traditional Swedish flavours with modern techniques to create culinary masterpieces that tantalize the taste buds and evoke a sense of wonder.

The dining room at Vyn exudes rustic elegance, with natural materials and minimalist décor that allow the food to take centre stage. Guests are invited on a journey of culinary exploration, guided by a knowledgeable staff who are passionate about sharing the stories behind each dish.

Baltzar, through our local partner store Engelska Herr, is proud to have supplied the Vyn staff with their customised, tailored outfits. As a favour, we were invited to shoot our seasonal tailoring within Vyn's magnificent spaces.

A portrait of Daniel Berlin at Vyn
A man standing wearing a navy blue blazer from Baltzar Sartorial
A man wearing a cricket sweater from Alan Paine
A man wearing a tobacco linen suit from De Petrillo
Detail picture of a tobacco linen suit from De Petrillo
A detail picture of a lounge chair at the restaurant Vyn

Featured Styles

A man wearing a seasonal blazer from Luigi Bianchi
View from Daniel Berlin
View from the lounge at the restaurant Vyn
Detail picture of seasonal tailoring from De Petrillo
A man wearing seasonal tailoring from De Petrillo

Featured Styles

A man wearing a double-breasted navy suit from Baltzar Sartorial
Inside view from the restaurant Vyn
View of the lounge bar at the restaurant Vyn
A man wearing a black tuxedo suit from Baltzar Sartorial
Detail picture of a black tuxedo suit from Baltzar Sartorial

Featured Styles

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