Our collection offers a range of formal and casual wear, all customizable to suit your preferences. Choose from comfortable popover shirts and chinos for relaxed occasions, precisely tailored business suits for professional settings, or extravagant evening wear for special events.

Below is an overview of the categories available in our Made-to-Measure garment collection.


Every man should have a tailored suit in his wardrobe, perfect for any occasion.


Blazers are versatile and stylish, easily dressed up or down to suit any occasion


The tuxedo is the most formal attire for social events, such as weddings or dinner parties.


The final layer includes styles such as polo coats, car-coats, and field jackets to protect you from nature's hazards.


Various shirt styles are available, from classic dress shirts to more casual popovers.


The selection of trousers ranges from formal tailored styles to casual chinos and selvedge denim.


When selecting a fabric for your garment, it's important to consider its intended use. Will it be subjected to frequent wear and tear, such as during travel, or will it be worn to a special occasion where it needs to stand out? It's crucial to choose a fabric with the appropriate characteristics to meet your specific needs.


When it comes to wool fabrics, it's common to see a "super" number that describes its quality. This number represents the density of threads in the fabric. The higher the "super" number, the higher the thread count per square centimeter. As a result, the fabric becomes more expensive, softer to the touch, and more prone to wearing out quickly. In other words, a Super 150s wool fabric is finer and has a more noticeable shine than a Super 110s, but it wears out faster.


The weight of the fabric used to make a garment plays a crucial role in its feel and performance. Heavyweight fabrics are not flimsy and tend to drape more naturally, making them ideal for people who are prone to wrinkles. On the other hand, lightweight fabrics are less warm and more comfortable to wear. The weight of the fabric used in a garment depends on the season it will be worn the most.


When it comes to choosing the right fabric for clothing, it's important to consider the composition, as different fabrics are suitable for different seasons. For instance, linen is ideal for warmer months, while wool flannel is better suited for colder weather. Wool and cotton are lightweight during summer, but heavy in winter. However, fabrics that are made by blending different fibers, such as wool-silk-linen fabric, can offer unique characteristics to a garment without limiting its use to a specific season.
Achieving the perfect fit for any garment is primarily determined by the shape of your body. It requires creating an even balance between your upper body and legs.

Our experts, Adam or Max, will address and adjust all the necessary measurements to create a customized garment that not only looks great but also fits you well and wears effortlessly.

For instance, the rise of your trousers is determined by the height of your hips, which also plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort. Similarly, the relationship between your shoulder width and waist circumference determines how a blazer fits and feels.

All the changes and adjustments made during the measurement process are essential in creating your unique fit profile. This profile is then saved in our system, which can later be used for future commissions.
Baltzar Sartorial MTM jackets and blazers are crafted with a full floating canvas construction. Instead of using a fused interlining, horsehair is used in the canvas construction.

As you wear the garment, the canvas will mold to your body and shape the jacket or blazer, making it unique to you. The canvas is sewn together with the outer fabric, which allows the fabric to drape naturally. Attention to detail is key.

The design elements of your garment will add a personal touch and make it something you can be proud to wear. Specific design elements, such as the pocket style, will determine the formality of the garment and affect how and where it can be worn.

Therefore, it’s important to have a clear idea of how you want to wear the final garment. Don't worry though, our experts will guide you through the entire process.


Below is a list of starting prices for each garment category. The final price of the customised garment is determined by the fabric chosen by the customer. The starting prices are as follows:

- Suits: starting at 9495 SEK
- Blazers: starting at 6995 SEK
- Outerwear: starting at 8995 SEK
- Formal Wear: starting at 10795 SEK
- Shirts: starting at 1995 SEK
- Trousers: starting at 2995 SEK

Please note that the final price may vary depending on the fabric selection.


We take great pride in our made-to-measure garments, which are crafted by skilled artisans with meticulous attention to detail and top-notch craftsmanship. The production time for our made-to-measure garments is between 4 to 6 weeks.

If you choose a customised garment that is made with fabrics we have in stock, the production time will be 4 weeks. However, if you prefer a garment that is made of cut-length fabrics, which we need to first order and cut from one of our weavers, the production time will be 6 weeks.

Rest assured that regardless of the production time, we always strive to provide the highest quality garments that meet your specific needs and preferences.