A row of brown singel gusset briefcases from Frank Clegg
Lardini lineup of three SS19 looks
Lardini has bound together the wild spirit of the Italy with sartorial perfection in each and every garment. Worldwide express shipping from Baltzar.com
E. Marinella Ties vintage fabric storage
Visit the the E.Marinella shop in Naples where the worlds finest ties are made.
With the spring season in full swing and summer of 2018 approaching rapidly, we thought to present you some of this season's strongest looks from our Swedish location.
Menswear journal reflecting on SS18 garments from Baltzar in Paris .
Sunglasses. Models: Mohair, Lapel and Cran by The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear.
Summer is approaching with great haste and we think it's time to look at the great shades from The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear.
Carmina shoes in a line with loafers and oxfords
When ordering shoes online some understanding of the terminology is useful.  In order to be of as much assistance as possible from Baltzar's ivory tower, we thought that some clarification of the terminology, the vocabulary and other features of quality shoes, as well as for Baltzar’s leading supplier of them, Carmina, would therefore be in order.
To help out and provide some sort of guidance, Baltzar has launched a guide to essential belts. We will start from the brief perspective of history, and then reflect on and present five belts that are the cornerstones of a man’s wardrobe.
Follow Baltzar to 3 Haberdasher Street in east London and get to know why Drake's is the favourite tie maker of the British royal family.
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