Style Report: Pitti Uomo 106

Written by: Christopher



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Pitti Uomo, the prestigious biannual menswear fashion fair, is a cornerstone of the global fashion calendar. Held in the historic Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy, this event attracts fashion enthusiasts, designers, buyers, and media from all corners of the world. As one of the most influential platforms for men’s fashion, Pitti Uomo showcases cutting-edge collections, fosters industry connections, and sets the trends that will shape the sartorial landscape for seasons to come. The allure of the event is magnified by its location in Florence, a city that seamlessly blends artistic heritage with contemporary vibrancy, especially during the summer months.

Pitti Uomo, established in 1972, has grown to become a beacon for men’s fashion, spotlighting both established designers and emerging talents. The fair typically features a wide range of exhibitors, from luxury labels to avant-garde brands, each presenting their latest collections. The event is renowned for its street style, with attendees donning meticulously curated outfits that often steal the spotlight as much as the runway shows themselves. This sartorial spectacle turns the streets of Florence into a live fashion magazine, with photographers capturing every detail.

In this post, we present the seasonal trends captured during Pitti Uomo, captured through the vibrant street style along with the wide range of exhibitors. This year, much because of the hot summer temperatures, the fair was filled with people wearing lightweight, breathable linen blends in vibrant colours such as muted pink, bright yellow and faded purple. As always, the fair includes a wide range of different styles, ranging from classic tailoring to contemporary workwear. Two things that stood out this year were the frequent sighting of heritage patterns and chunky, flamboyant sunglasses with tonal glass. 

Get a glimpse of the Pitti Uomo fair, with the beautiful city of Florence as the backdrop, and maybe we'll get to see you there next year. Enjoy! 

Photo: Pontus Jonsén

Pitti Uomo