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Vilhelm Parfumerie

Designed to convey Emotions

Vilhelm Parfumerie is a story of a Swedish designer in New York who decided not only to put his thoughts into action but into scents. Vilhelm is a niche perfume artisan fragrance house, where each scent carries not only a story, but a memory of a time and a place. The power of a fragrance lays in its ability to trail the subconscious memory which when matched with the tones of recognition makes us dream while conscious and travel through time. This journey is something Vilhelm Parfumerie specialises in and through the nine niche scents they invite all it’s customers to join.

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Vilhelm Perfumerie The Oud Affair Eau de Parfume 100 ml

The Vilhelm perfumes are developed in close conjunction between the founder, Jan Ahlgren and the immensely talented master perfumer - Jerome Epinette. A perfume can simply put be divided into three main influences, referred to as notes. The notes are the actual raw essence providing the fragrance with its recognisable character. There is an at least one top, a mid and a dry (base) note in every fragrance.


The top note is the easy access note which forms a person's initial impression when exposed to a scent. Small light molecules that evaporate quickly and are often described as sharp or direct and so forth also ‘easy’ to spot.  Some of the reoccurring top notes in Vilhelm perfumes are Black Pepper and Bergamot.


The Mid notes, or the heart notes, are the longer lasting tones brought out just after the intensity of the top notes starts to drop. The heart notes are the body of the fragrance and act to mask the first initial impression of the dry base notes that are the longest lasting and becomes better with time. The middle notes are often referred to as rounded and more mellow. Some reoccurring middle notes in Vilhelm perfumes are Tobacco and Leather.


Dry Note. If the top notes spark the attention, the middle notes function as the heart, the base note is the fragrance body that captivates all flares and slowly makes its way with heavy molecules that take time to evaporate fully. It carries the flavour of the prior notes but as always with time brings an element of richness and deeper notions to the scent. These notes may not start to come out until an hour after wearing it and can still be detectable up to a day later. Basic notes such as Musk, Amber and various types of wood such as oak, bamboo and sandalwood are often found in Vilhelm Perfumes.

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