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Clothing, accessories and footwear might be what we wear but for Baltzar the style journey is even more than just the cut of the suit or the softness of the shirt or the quality of the, hopefully, well-polished shoes. Style is about having manners, which is about behaving in a way that encourages people around us to develop while at the same time remaining true to our own principles.  Knowing what is expected of us on certain occasions and in formal settings is naturally helpful for encouraging well-mannered behaviour. 

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Vilhelm Perfumerie Morning Chess Eau de Parfum 100ml
A well-ordered world is guided by etiquette and silent rules and on the whole the acquisition of this knowledge is through experience. To master the basics we may be helped by a good read, and indeed an alluring scent to distract our senses on our journey.  Baltzar aspires to help us in our search towards a sustainable, rewarding and hopefully a well-mannered lifestyle.
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