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The Oxford shoe is regarded as the most formal shoe that can be worn with a lounge suit, and if plain and highly polished sometimes even worn with a dinner suit.  The most traditional version is black and features a toe-cap before its closed lacing – the hallmark of an Oxford.  Apart from the full-cut models, there are half and full brogues (or wing-tips), which feature decorative perforations along their seams.  These versions are considered slightly less formal than their plainer brothers.  With proper shoe care, a pair of Oxford shoes can last a lifetime.

At Baltzar we offer Oxford shoes from Carmina and Ortigni, both renowned for their fantastic quality and long heritage.

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Oxfords can best be described as a formal shoe with closed lacing. This means that the upper part of the shoes where the lacing is drawn together is sewn into the vamp, rather than the open lacing system of a derby or a blütcherwhich has two separate bits of leather held together by the lacing. This gives a sleeker shoe and is considered more formal.
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