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The denim trousers originating from the active workwear movement in the states has for ever inflicted and had an impact on our daily clothing routine. No material is so durable, soft but still strong, elegant yet casual and the variety of washes and raging makes every pair unique and with a story of its own. Baltzar offers alternatives from industry specialists. Tramarossa with their soft and elegant approach customising all jeans with initials for the wearer. Where as TWC represents the old school workwear and heavy raw denim. 

Durable material

Denim has a fascinating effect of shaping and moulding after its wearers body. In many ways the durable and versatile cotton fabric is like the canvas for a painter, the starting point from which something  can be dyed and stone washed into something of utter fashion. Where as the Raw product on its own may stay untouched and develop character over many years together with its wearers own odd habits. 


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