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Dinner jackets

Dinner Jackets

Dinner suits can be single or double breasted and have a silk-faced peaked lapel or a shawl collar. The colour of the jacket is invariably black, but can also be midnight blue, and it is made in lighter wool, or wool and mohair, to cope with the often warm evening festivities.  The trousers have a silk satin, or braid, seam running down the side of the leg to match the lapel of the jacket.

In addition, separate dinner jackets are made in velvet, and may also be known as a smoking jacket, which are quite a sartorial statement.  A white jacket, often called a tuxedo, can also be found.

At Baltzar we offer dresswear, or evening wear, or simply call them dinner jackets, from Canali, Lardini and Morris Heritage.

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Dinner Jacket at Baltzar
Whether the American business man Griswold Lorillard or the English Prince of Wales were the inventors of the Tuxedo is still debated. What is for sure is the fact that the jacket evolved from the Tail-coat. By simply removing the tails, the inventor created a much more practical garment, hence making it more wearable.
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