Sophisticated tailoring

Tagliatore, another strong family business among the friends and brands of Baltzar. This is a company that emerges from the strong creative lead of its designer, Pino Lerario.


Pino Lerario has made Tagliatore well known through his thorough hunt for a unique sartorial expression. With the perfect fit and soft construction, the clothes have a graceful flair.  Whether it’s a lapel, sleeves or shoulders, everything is researched in depth to ensure the garments stand out it in their own way.  They are often worn in campaigns by Ricki Hall who has the role to capture their ambiguous and brilliantly evocative attributes.


At a time when brands are leaving Italy and moving labor abroad, Tagliatore has made it its cause to keep developing the “Made in Italy” concept.  With the knowledge and curated spirit of creativity in combination with technical advancements. Tagliatore is staying ahead of the game, assuring quality whilst maintaining competitive pricing.