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Ring Jacket

Ready to wear garments with bespoke qualities and appeal

Japan is the birthplace of some of the world’s leading exporters of significant product innovation and unparalleled engineering to the rest of the world. So it’s hardly surprising that all of a sudden there is a Japanese suit manufacturer that seems to be sweeping the floor with some of its competition right now.

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The company however dates back to 1954 when Jôichi Fukushima set out to create ready-to-wear garments that reflect the quality and appeal of bespoke.  He was Inspired by the lightness of Italian tailoring but with an uncompromising knowledge of the use of some more sturdy key components of real quality craftsmanship. Ring Jacket garments are always fully canvassed, with hand stitched elements and top fabrics.  Many of the garments are constructed from Japanese woven cloth, including the ’Balloon’ fabric, a specially developed travel cloth that is wrinkle resistant and ultra durable.  In addition Ring Jacket works with hand picked specialist mills from Italy and the United Kingdom such as Lanificio Di Pray, Delfino and Fox Brothers.

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