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An authentic Italian product

Lardini has since 1978 built up a reputation that stands true to its Italian heritage of both sartorial elegance and high quality. With decades of experience, absolute determination and a dedication to quality manufacturing, Lardini has bound together the wild spirit of the Italian countryside with sartorial perfection in each and every garment.

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model sitting on a bench with a brown Lardini blazer and brown tie
The Lardini man knows what he wants; he opts for classic soft tailoring with an Italian flair, often bring out the bold in the most subtle fabrics. It is a type of nonchalance that could be described as “spontaneously elegant”.  You can spot him by the characteristic lapel flower that comes with every jacket. The entire production is made in their Filottrano atelier where traditional craftsmanship meets cutting edge machinery, although the most vital parts are still made by hand. This is something which the connoisseur will spot and recognise, and the novice junior after a while will feel and start to appericiate.

Luigi Lardini

The founder, Luigi, once explained the mentality for Mr. Baltzar by quoting Virginia Woolf: “Vain trifles as they seem, clothes change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.” Hence, Lardini always evolves their designs to never go out of style whilst remembering their heritage.
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