Free Rain

Baltzar seeks out the niche menswear producers from around the world. We scan the market for unique products; even if a producer sets out to do just one thing and one thing only, so long as it is the best, Baltzar approves. Free Rain is a brilliant example of this. A jacket designer with one purpose in mind: to be the ultimate item of clothing for those who from time to time find themselves walking a dog. With generous warmth and water repellent fabrics these garments are produced to meet the demands of all circumstances. With practical features, such as thirteen pockets, one containing a soft water bowl, every imaginable gadget can also join in the walking.

But in the end, what makes Free Rain a real winner, is the combination of beauty and practical design, which is what Baltzar believes great fashion to be all about. Free Rain achieves this goal with aplomb.

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