Italian craftsmanship through every seam

The relatively young fashion brand Eleventy, founded in 2007. Started on the principle that Italian fashion should not only be made in Italy but worn all over the world. With an elegant, contemporary and sustainable approach both to design, material, and production. The company collaborate with micro specialist-producers all over Italy to reach new innovations. This makes it possible to achieve a more sustainable production and end-product.

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Marco Baldassari from Eleventy posing at Pitti Uomo 91


The brand that connects elegance, modernity and comfort with Italian craftsmanship through every seam, and represents truly the epithet of ‘Made in Italy’.  We met up with the co-founder, creative director and designer of the brand – Marco Baldessari, to find out more about the brand and the man behind this Italian success.

Marco Baldassari

Eight years ago Marco set out on a journey to fulfil his dream of creating his own clothing company; and so he did. He had previously worked together with his co-founder Paolo Zuntini as an agent for several different Italian brands and had built up great experience in the field. With an immense passion and curiosity for what he does, he has truly turned his dream into a great Italian success.


From working closely with his retail accounts as an agent, Marco learned a great deal about consumer trends, something that would come to play a big role in how Eleventy was formed. The biggest revelation was that a confident consumer does not need the status of a visible logo. Out of this, the duo started out with a small collection with no logos and have been expanding ever since.

With a growing company comes greater responsibility. Something Marco takes very seriously, the acknowledgement of climate change as a global issue, leads him to do what he and the brand can to minimise its impact. By sustainable and intelligent innovation, as well trying to reduce consumption within the production system, the brand already does more than others; however he vows to continue until they achieve a level of zero impact.

Portrait of Marco Baldassari from Eleventy at Pitti Uomo 91

The Baldassari Look

Marco Baldassari carrieng leather backpack at Pitti Uomo 91

The core of the brand of course rests within the Italian craftsmanship; combined with the relaxed, comfortable, simple yet elegant touch it is an absolute winner. The goal is to create collections to suit the most exact tastes as well as to give a larger number of people the opportunity to access and value elegance in their everyday lives – worldwide.


Marco Baldassari from Eleventy close up details of trosuers
Marco Baldassari from Eleventy close up details of shoes
Marco Baldassari from Eleventy close up details of coat