Timeless and Elegant

There are few cities in the world which as strong an association with a certain product as Northampton, England has with shoes. Church’s shoes, founded by Thomas Church and his three sons in 1874, is one of the most successful and established brands to emerge from the city.


Church’s has always been and continues to be considered an innovative brand. One that dares to challenge existing concepts, and is not held back by its great heritage. From introducing ‘adaptable’ models in 1880. Founding the technical college in Northampton and encouraging innovation and technology in production. To later partnering up with Prada in 1999 and realising sneakers. Church’s is a shoe brand that mixes tradition with vision and quality with design. Whether you are wearing a timeless Goodyear welted Consul from their famous 173 last or the iconic Contemporary Shanghai. You can rest assured, it is among the best investments your feet can receive.

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